A Special QSL Card

Unlike the others I’ve posted so far, this was not from the 10-meter contest.  Rather, this was my first contact on HF.  I got the courage up to actually try transmitting and as luck would have it, my signal was received over 3,100 miles away.

I'll have an ARRL "First Contact" certificate soon thanks to this card.

I’ll have an ARRL “First Contact” certificate soon thanks to this card.

First Oregon

Reaching Oregon during my first 10m contest made me realize my other long-distance contacts weren’t just flukes.

I still send paper QSLs but also use LoTW, as suggested.

I still send paper QSLs but also use LoTW, as suggested.

First Arizona

Contacted during my first 10m contest.  I was glad to get a state so far away so soon!


Gorgeous picture by W8TK himself


My QSL Card

Even in the era of ARRL’s Logbook of the World, physical QSL cards still serve a purpose.  Since I am but a humble newbie to the hobby, I wanted to get QSL cards of my own.  Coincidentally it’s the ARRL’s 100th anniversary and they had some appealing designs commissioned through a printing service.  To make my card a little more unique, I replaced their stock image with my family’s coat of arms.


My QSL card’s general appearance

Could it be better?  Of course, but it’s a start.  A real QSL card from me would have plenty of additional information all over the front.  I don’t know how common QSL card forgery is, or if it’s even a thing, so if you want the real deal, find me on the radio!