Other Callsigns

I haven't been in this hobby for very long, so I really haven't had very many call signs. Also, since I have a 2x1 call sign already through sheer luck I'm unlikely to get a completely different call in the foreseeable future. However, for the sake of completion, here are the other signs that are associated with me in some way.

Variants of WS3S

  • WS3S/8: This is the call I use when I am in Ohio, particularly when operating from my father's station, WA8DB.
  • WS3S/M: This is the call I use when I am driving, which is simply a matter of convention. I try my best to remember mostly when I am out of my home county.


  • K3GCC - I have operated with this call in the past as the trustee of the Grove City Amateur Radio Club. Following my departure from Grove City College, the club is now defunct. I, nor the college, authorize anyone to actually use this call sign.
  • W3LIF - Club call for Mercer County Amateur Radio Club, which I have operated under for Field Day. I am also a member of the club.
  • AB3UI - My automatically-issued call sign before I got my vanity call, essentially unused.