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…my new ham radio site.

The site’s still very much in flux while I get the initial setup completed, so if you’ve stumbled across it this early you’ll probably see pages appear and disappear. The layout could also be different here and there as I try to get everything working the way I want. There will also be some “just trying things out” posts early on as I experiment with the WordPress engine itself.

The possibilities for this site are endless. I plan on having info on me and my equipment and since I’m new to this hobby, I might be able to explain what I’m learning in a way that’s particularly helpful for newer amateur radio operators.

QSL Stats

  • Continents: Awarded Worked All Continents on October 2, 2015
  • States: 40 confirmed
  • "DXCC entities:" 55 confirmed
  • Number of prefixes contacted: 60+

Need to QSL?

I only use two methods to QSL, the ARRL's Logbook of the World and direct. Generally speaking, I will send a QSL card to my first contact in a new locale (state/province, DXCC entity) or those that are particularly interesting (North Pole, Alaska!). I'm quick about sending the cards, so if you do not hear from me and want a QSL card, feel free to send direct with a SASE.

Note for Internationals!

If you are NOT domestic to the United States, I WILL PAY for your return postage. If you send a self-addressed envelope with your QSL card, I will take care of the stamp to get the reply back to you.

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    Worked All Continents Achieved

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  • My First Field Day is Soon

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  • A Special QSL Card

    Unlike the others I’ve posted so far, this was not from the 10-meter contest.  Rather, this was my first contact

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  • US Virgin Islands…Another First

    Slight irony having both “virgin” and “first” in the title, I suppose.
  • First Oklahoma

    Also during the 10-meter contest.
  • RTTY Roundup 2015 Results

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  • First Oregon

    Reaching Oregon during my first 10m contest made me realize my other long-distance contacts weren’t just flukes.

Selection of QSL Cards

  • US Virgin Islands


    10-meter Contest
  • Alaska


    First contact!
  • Wyoming


    10-meter Contest
  • Arizona


    10-meter Contest
  • Puerto Rico


    10-meter Contest